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Shadow Moses Developments Ltd

 We believe that every business problem can be solved using the right software 

You've implemented a paperless office, but what about your virtual desktop clutter? What happens when Jeff is on holiday and you can't get access to that important report he saved on his PC? We're here to rid the world of those easily lost spreadsheets and documents and replace them with software that frees up your time so you can focus on building your business.

 We've been providing clients with our software services for over twenty years 

We use the latest fit for purpose frameworks and technologies to deliver our services to you, from cloud to tablet. Our solutions are in place across dozens of industries, supporting business processes, automating data transfer and providing our client's customers with digital services and support.

 Software is complex, but your users shouldn't be perplexed when it comes to using it 

We focus on understanding your businesses needs first, then translating them into an easy to use and visually appealing software suite.

We keep our team small so we can take advantage of the very best technical talent the UK has to offer.

Christopher Sebok

Chris Sebok
Software Delivery Specialist

Chris started developing websites when he was 14, quickly transitioning to full-stack development as his passion for technology grew. Today he manages every stage of the SDLC, from business analysis through to deployment.

Sally Sebok

Sally Sebok
Admin & Personal Assistant

Sally deals with all finance and administration across the business. If you send us an email it's likely you'll speak to her first.

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