What we've done

We've designed and delivered a wide range of solutions in a multitude of industries. Whilst most of our work is under strict NDA agreements, the following clients have agreed for us to write case studies on the services we provided to them.

Healthcare: Rehabilitation Social Network

Advice, branding, design & prototype

We were referred to a local start-up that was in need of guidance of how to bring a mobile app to market. They secured our consultancy services to advise on the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and to design, cost, plan and prototype their idea.

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Contact Center Solutions

PCI DSS payment gateway, mobile fraud prevention, USSD templates & operator lookup

Qivox - a technology company specialising in cloud-based customer engagement - procured our services to develop channels for their Qore platform. Qivox were acquired by Aspect Software in 2013 and Qore was renamed Aspect Proactive Engagement Suite.

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