Frequently Asked Questions

We are more than capable of developing websites; most of our solutions revolve around the web technology stack, so we're up to date with all the latest frameworks and technologies. We outsource branding, design and layout work to one of the many design agencies we have in our network while we focus on creating User Interfaces (UI) and enhancing the User eXperience (UX). We're likely to be more expensive than a web design agency as we don't use off the shelf content management systems such as Wordpress or Joomla to expedite the development of your website - all our work is bespoke, which in turn allows us to be infinitely flexible with our solutions.

We develop apps when required as part of a solution. For example, a mobile app may help optimise the work flow of a utilities engineer whilst at a customer's site; it could allow the engineer to scan barcodes and perform tests that are logged directly with customer services, thus improving customer service. We provide pragmatic advice on the best technologies to fit your needs.

Whilst it's very possible we've done work in your business sector before, industry experience is not necessary for us to provide our services. We are experts in the design and provision of software products, services and workflows.

A large part of the work we do is business analysis and requirement gathering, which involves asking you and your users relevant questions that cover the salient facts surrounding your business and the specific problems you are trying to solve.

The key point here, is that we understand that each businesses is unique - business processes can vary between different sites or even teams for the same company, and we know how to translate those processes into easy to use software.

Whilst this isn't our main line of business, we are capable of writing complex games and sourcing environment, concept, 2D and 3D artists, script writers, and voice / motion actors. We've managed small teams of game production staff and developed a few of our own games too. Speak to us about your idea to see if we can help.
One. Many consultancies hide their temporary / contract resource from their clients in order to seem larger and more competent than they are. We are a small, independent software consultancy that scales horizontally when needs arise - we work with only the best hand-picked talent across the UK to fulfil our obligations to our clients. This allows us to source expertise that is appropriate for the job at hand, which enables us to draw on our 3rd party consultant's experiences to stay on the cutting edge of the software industry.
Developers have been carrying out "Developer Operations" for decades, but only in recent years has the term been distinguished into its own area, spawning specialised jobs and mindset changes across the industry. Adopting a DevOps mindset involves the advocation of automation, monitoring and transparent reporting at all stages of the SDLC, and focusses on putting processes in place that supports both development and infrastructure practitioners. We offer DevOps consultancy, design and implementation services using a wide selection of methodologies and tools.
Also known as the "Software Delivery Life Cycle" and "Systems Development Life Cycle", SDLC is the circular process of planning, analysing, designing, implementing and maintaining a software product. To paraphrase Leonardo da Vinci's famous quote; "Software is never finished, only abandoned" - the SDLC continues until software is no longer maintainable or useful to its users.

The front-end work was completed using Angular, TypeScript, Bootstrap, SASS and HTML5. We have used a number of open source packages such as FontAwesome, Animate.css and angular2-recaptcha to enhance the user experience. We have also implemented Angular Universal to accommodate the server-side rendering requirement of a public-facing website.

Back-end work was completed using Microsoft .Net Core WebAPI, incorporating a number of nuget packages such as RestSharp and NLog.

Stock images were taken from Pexels under the CC0 license.

An initial Bootstrap template was taken from and heavily customised.

Special thanks goes to We Are NorthWest for providing branding, and helping with layout and design.

The website is hosted on an Ubuntu server using an NGINX reverse proxy redirecting to a Docker container.

Software can be delivered to you in a vast number of different ways - our technology list is constantly growing as new frameworks, languages and technologies are developed that enhance the software experience. You can check out some of the tech that we use to create your software on our home page.

Gathering and documenting requirements for software is usually a complex task than can last for months. We offer a small period of initial consultancy and advice for free (usually 1 - 2 hours), but we consider requirement gathering a valuable service that our clients gain a plethora of benefits from.

This stage of a software project helps our clients prioritise work, gather project resources, analyse and adjust their business processes, create project plans and accurately estimate effort, costs and materials required. In fact, we have been known to provide only requirement gathering services for some clients, with the final output being a requirements document that can be used to carry out the aforementioned project tasks and outsource development to a 3rd party.

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