What we do

We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your needs, followed by a complete project management service so you're free to keep an eye on the big picture.

Requirement Gathering

Extracting the functional requirements from your stakeholders.

Business Analysis

Dissecting your business processes & requirements.

Project Management

Stakeholder management and progress reporting.


Sourcing and management of technical talent for your projects.

Giving you peace of mind with flexible designs that scale with your business. We ensure your software is as simple as possible, fit for purpose and maintainable.

Technical Architecture

Liaising with developers, infrastructure and stakeholders.

Solution Design

Low level software design and documenting.

Project Planning

High-level planning, resourcing and costing.


Minimum Viable Product prototyping and Riskiest Assumption Testing.

Keeping you in the loop with frequent, concise software delivery. Developing high quality software with the user experience in mind.

SCRUM Mastering

Liaison with product owners and management of technical backlog.

Software Implementation

Writing code and life cycle management.

Code Testing

Using proven code testing methodologies to ensure bug-free products.

Game Development

Production of 2D and 3D games.

We keep your business running by performing essential monitoring and maintenance of your live solutions until they're decommissioned.


Synergising development and infrastructure & automating processes.

Cloud Management

App, service and database hosting, management and security.

Infrastructure Management

Managing your existing development servers, from source to production.

Business Intelligence

Reporting, transformation and analysis of your data.

The technology sector is a fast-paced world, and even developers need a helping hand now and again. We provide on-site, bespoke training for your technical staff.


Hands-on sessions to cover new tools, frameworks, patterns and practices.

One to One Training

Filling in individual skill-gaps.


Bringing junior staff up to speed.

Stakeholder Presentations

Giving non-technical stakeholders the information they need.

Our Philosophy

We bleed software - our passion is driven by a few key principals:

  • Focusing on freeing up our client's time by optimising their business processes
  • Empowering users by designing software around their needs
  • Providing tools and metrics to support our client's businesses
  • Minimising mundane tasks with automation
  • Using the latest frameworks to keep software supportable and maintainable
  • Keeping data secure by delivering regular, well tested software updates

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